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Raz is a quick thinking young advisor who brings the laser focus of his Division 1 pitching experience to our team.  Raz relates as well to  retirement planning clients as he does to freshly minted adults and everyone in between.

Jim spent 20 years in the Marine Corps before earning his MBA and starting his financial services career. He brings down to earth, practical experience into the client planning process.  Jim is devotes a lot of time to providing financial literacy to the workplace through his involvement in financial education seminars.

David is an experienced insurance advisor, solo cross county motorcycle rider and financial educator with a holistic approach to planning. He, and the advisors he works with, bring sound, conservative advice to help clients grow and protect assets, and to create sufficient cash flow when it is needed most.  

We are story tellers, problem solvers and educators.

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We assume life won't play out exactly as planned so we help clients set realistic expectations.  

By understanding how our clients see their future, we help design a safety net for when the plan and the reality don't align.  

We take the risk management process used every day in business and apply it to families and individuals.